You know that moment when you realize that for the longest time you've just been spinning your wheel. Still stuck at square one when the game is half way through... not a very pleasant awakening, I'll tell you!

I'm assuming some (maybe most) of you have no idea what i'm talking about and rightly so as I haven't said much. But some of you just get it... it rings true, you just understand what i'm talking about and it's no crazy talk as for us it's just reality or a not so distant memory - I'd like to believe i'm not the only one in this "spin one's wheel" situation. It's good to be unique but in this particular instance, i'd truly love to share  with others. I'm sure you experienced this feeling of non-accomplishment at least once in your life, my problem, mine is generalized or so I think so.

Let me be straight, i'm one of the most positive & motivated person I know. I fall off my wheel, and next thing you know i'm back on my wheel again, spinning - I'm not talking about the type of spinning that's super trendy right, not the spinning that make you feel like a champion, the other kind of spinning, the one the makes you want to give up and curl up in a little ball and wait for a miracle!!!..Ok ok i'm overly dramatic here but you get the gist - The spinning to nowhere and one and for all i'd like to get to the "no spin zone"

I'm going on about spinning my wheel and you have absolutely no idea who I am, what I do and why i'm writing this... for one, I got inspired to start this blog while Watching "The Marvelous Mrs Measel" an amazon original series...ya that's a plug but rest assure i'm just doing this because I truly believe this is a great show, very inspiring specially for women.

I'm single mom with absolutely no love life, my job is great but sadly I don't fell fulfilled, something is missing as I'm not where I should be with my career, my retirement plan...well let's not talk about this, my finances are not great...i'm a mess in so many area of my life and this is really, really upsetting as i'm a go getter... but i'm slowly loosing steam and that scares the bejesus out of me!!!

So what do i do now, where do I go as i'm tired of spending all this energy to find myself in the same position, oh maybe I move a little but it's so insignificant, not worth mentioning.